About Charging

Charging is the act of energizing crystals, stones, rocks and minerals.

This process can be very specific, or general in nature. It all depends on how you want to use the items you’ve charged. For example, you’ve moved into a new home, and you want to have some extra energy guarding your doorways. Black tourmaline is the stone you’ve chosen to place on either side of the doorway, or in the corners of the room. Black tourmaline is protective by nature, as well as grounding, and a wonderful transmuter of negative energies. To charge the stones, hold them in hand or lap, and quiet the mind. After sitting quietly for a moment, gently ask the stones for the help needed. “Please guard this home against all negative influences and only allow positive energies in this room. I give you permission to work with the other rocks to help me and my family. Thank you.” Does this mean that no one will ever have an argument in that room? Probably not. Will the energy in the room be cleaner and brighter, and generally better? Yes. One of the many wonderful things about black tourmaline is that it is self-clearing, so the tourmalines will periodically clear themselves. If quartz was used for this same purpose, every once in a while it would be wise to clear the stones so used. (See About Cleansing)

Sometimes the process in the black tourmaline example could also be called “programming” the stone. The difference between programming and charging is a bit vague. Programming refers to asking the stones to do something very specific. Charging is more about general enhancement or energizing the natural properties of the stone. It’s nice to use complementary minerals for individual purposes, protective stones for protection, abundant stones for prosperity, etc. Check out the descriptions of the individual rocks, or use one of the many resource books on the properties of healing rocks.

Charging can be done in a variety of ways.

Some use the sun, some the moon, some use saints, others use gods and goddesses. This is different than using the sun or moon for cleansing. When the sun or moon is used for charging, one imagines that energy filling up the stone. This can be done literally, with sunshine or moonshine, or figuratively, using the imagination, or meditation techniques. As always, be careful with crystals, especially crystal balls in sunlight, as they can start fires. Meditation is a great way to charge up stones, especially if you are working with many stones at the same time. An example of using gods and goddesses could be charging up a rock for the garden with nature spirit energy, or Pan. A fairy garden could have rocks with magical fairy energy. The limits are only in our imaginations.

It has struck me that working with rocks, crystals and minerals is a fabulous way to practice co-creation. I have never yet had a rock turn me down, no matter how outrageous, impossible, far-fetched or amazing the thing I have asked of it. The Rock People are some of the most of amazing and generous of the Earth’s Teachers.

I wanted to say a bit about the process we use at healingrocks.info to charge up our products.

We do, of course, cleanse them first. Mostly, for that, we use the meditation that takes them into the heart of the earth. Not only do we ask the Earth Mother to cleanse these beautiful stones, but to bless and charge them as well. All of the rocks are also charged up using my big aquamarine, which I call my magic wand. You can click on the image at right for an enlargement. Also used are a wide variety of meditation techniques, as well as sacred garden work. One of the wonderful things about this is that the rocks are charged collectively with each other. Thus, each stone gets a sprinkle of the energy of ALL the other stones. (Believe me, the stones you see on the website are the tip of the iceberg! I have a warehouse that is getting full! And I took the extra big space!) They all get the mega aquamarine magic wand. The rocks are also charged up with harp music. You can hear it if you listen real close! We’ve thought about having harp music available to you while you shop. Send us an email if you like that idea.

I’m not going to give away ALL my secrets of how healingrocks.info rocks are charged. I think I’ve said enough to give you some idea that it is a many-stepped process with all kinds of delightful goings-on. One other set of stones I’d like to mention that all our products get charged by are the many extraordinary specimens that are already in the very capable hands of the healers I work with regularly. I do some spectacular trades with gloriously talented folks. I’m extraordinarily blessed in this arena. The rocks are, too, because they get charged by their friends and healers! I just sent a new set off with one of my wonderful healer friends last week, and another is visiting this week. Send an email if you’d be interested in seeing photos of some of these amazing collections.Charging and programming, like so much about magic, is about the will and the intent. Working with healing rocks, it is also about cooperation, collaboration, and best of all, co-creation. The joy of it all is that as we charge the rocks, we charge ourselves. As we co-create with the rocks, we re-create ourselves. How cool is that?