New To Healing Rocks?

If you are new to working with rocks, minerals and crystals as healing tools, Welcome! These wonderful stones are not only beautiful, they are useful. If this is a new arena for you, I would suggest beginning simply. What is your favorite color? Look at stones in that color range and go with what catches your eye. Working with healing stones uses lots of intuition. Intuition seems subtle at first; it’s one of those things where the more you play with it, the better you get. Messages and feelings at first seem a bit blurry, and we can doubt we are feeling or getting anything at all! Hang in there, and keep playing. I use play deliberately. Why not make it fun? It will go much quicker that way, and besides that, be enjoyable. What’s not to like about that?

Don’t have a favorite color? How about something that is up in your life? That can be a great place to begin. Look over the list of properties and see which topics jump out at you. Then go and look at those stones, and choose one that seems particularly appealing. Once your rock has arrived, spend a little time getting to know it. Sit quietly with your new stone and see what it has to say to you. Intuition often comes through as feelings, not words. So you might get a feeling of what you could do with your new friend, or a sense about the place it wants to be. If you are open to it, give your stone permission to help you, and to work with any other stones you might already have. Let your rock know what you are working on, how it can help you. If we don’t ask them and tell them what help we need, what are they supposed to do? Guess?

There are other approaches to take if you are new to this field. What some people like to do is to start with something simple, like a quartz crystal. Depends on what you want to use it for whether you choose a natural wand, large cluster, small cluster, or a medium size piece of multiple crystals, which is sometimes called a nest. Once you have made that choice, the next question is what color? Quartz comes in a variety of colors. The best known is clear. Amethyst is purple quartz. Citrine is yellow quartz. Yellow and purple quartz together is called ametrine. Rose quartz is…. You guessed it! Pink! Rose! See, you are learning so much already! OK, I am being goofy, but also serious. Most people do NOT know that amethyst, ametrine, citrine and rose quartz are all quartz. I didn’t. Not until I was in this business, and even then it still took me years to figure it out. Part of the purpose of this site is to help us all figure it out. And not just people who are new to this field and information. One of our goals at Healing Rocks is to do research with all kinds of people working with all kinds of rocks. Discoveries are being made daily about the healing properties of these lovely stones. I am very excited to be a part of all of this, and hope you are too! (For those of you experts who are reading the “just getting started” section, yes, I did leave out smoky quartz and cloudy quartz and included quartz and probably lots more. This is an introduction. I am seeking to not overwhelm. I’ve failed?  Already??  Sorry.)

Getting back on track, let’s say you’ve chosen a natural quartz clear wand. Once you’ve got it home, play with it. Experiment! Put it by your bed; see if it changes your dreams. Carry it in your pocket for a day. Was that day unusual? If you have pain, or discomfort, see if your wand makes a difference. If you are feeling tired and cranky, see if your wand can charge you up. Quartz is all about energy; experiment to see how your individual stone impacts you. After playing and checking things out on your own, read up on what others say about quartz. Once you have more information, compare what other sources say to your own experience. Then play some more.

Let your crystal know what you want from it, how you wish it to help you. Please be polite. Many cultures consider rocks and minerals living beings. A little respect never hurt anyone. Another technique people sometimes use is to ask the stone for help for a whole variety of things. Can you help me with money? How about true love? Any chance you can help me with my relationship with……? Some use pendulums, some use muscle testing, and some just go by feel to get an idea of the array that particular piece can help with. I have often been shocked at the willingness of these wonderful rocks to take on just about anything. They never disappoint me. Please understand, I take the long view. If I ask for help with pain and don’t wake up the next morning feeling fabulous, I don’t get mad at my stones! There is always some way in which they’ve helped me. Sometimes I don’t figure it out until much later!

There are all kinds of great books and resources on healing stones. I encourage people to experiment themselves first, and then read what everybody else says. There is lots of fabulous information not only out there, but here on our site. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best information we can. It is a work in progress; we are always adding more. The very best authority on what works best for you is you! Trust that wonderful intuition of yours. Find a way to get quiet and let the rocks speak to your heart. They will, if you ask them to. Sometimes it takes a while before we can hear clearly and consistently, but it does come with time and practice. It is easier for some than others. Don’t let that bother. We all have wonderful talents and gifts. The rocks are simply fabulous at helping us to find and refine those gifts. Have fun and stay light-hearted about the whole process. And remember, if you need help, we are here. We are happy to answer any question that we can. I am not personally a geologist or mineralogist; I’ve just had the wonderful good fortune to work with all kinds of fabulous rocks on many different projects and challenges, including my own health. (If you are curious about me personally, see the section on Melissa Morgan in the About Us section – coming soon.)

My final bit of advice is to jump in and do it! Every single person who is an expert about anything learned step by step. If this is something new to you, you have a whole amazing, beautiful new world to discover. It does not matter how long any of us have done anything; there is always more to learn and discover and share. Have fun!